As I’m sure everyone has noticed, we are in the process of installing new 8’ cart paths in certain areas of the golf course: connection from 1 green to 2 tee, connection between 3 tee and 15 fairway, 16 green to the forward tees on 17, connection between the two service bridges, 2 fairway to 3 fairway, bypass path on 6, and finally a connection from our maintenance facility over to the path by 15 bathroom. These mentioned areas slowly evolved over the years as maintenance personnel and golfers discovered more convenient routes to get from point A to point B. As time went by, these heavily traveled areas became void of vegetation and became dirt, so when we received rainfall the areas were unable to be traveled. Concrete is the obvious solution in these areas to ensure they remain navigable during periods of rainfall, allowing maintenance vehicles to travel the course more efficiently (especially during flood events), and also assisting with the flow of cart traffic. We expect the project to be completely wrapped up by early December! We greatly appreciate your patience with the on course construction as we make these much needed improvements at Pecan Hollow Golf Course!